Tuesday, April 15, 2014

it was totally worth it, probably...I think.

In retrospect, I suppose we should have seen it coming.

The alleged culprit on the day in question

It's not like we didn't notice her little runny nose and those sweet puffy baby eyes.
We saw 'em, and promptly blamed every bit of it on the pollen swirling around.

It was a convenient reaction as we trekked downtown to the Food Truck Festival(!) amid the swirling masses of humanity.  A perfectly logical conclusion to hold onto as she and I pretend-danced and she played with my eyes & nose & mouth with her sticky little fingers.

However, it has become clear to all who were with her on that fateful Saturday evening, that we were just fooling ourselves.

And now I'm sorry to report that I am, in fact, back on the DayQuil/Nyquil combo that I know so well.

...So here's where I'd like to say that I'm super thankful for quiet apartments and lots of tissues.

And DayQuil/NyQuil combos.

And precious baby girls with sticky fingers :)


Monday, April 14, 2014

the one with too many blurry cell phone pictures because I can't decide and also a tree

So Audrey's been telling me for quite a while that she's very good at climbing trees.

As it turns out, she wasn't kidding even at all.


Owen proved to be quite the climber himself for his advanced years of three.

When all was said and done, Noodle conquered three separate trees, Owen two, and my heart only stopped five or six times.

(Also, I only thought of little Lauren stuck at the very top of a similar tree, and my accompanying heart palpitations, all those years ago, half a dozen times.)

Great job, Audrey Faith!  Your Naynay is super-proud of you :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

sunday six, weekend recap edition

(Editor's Note:  Should I acknowledge my lackadaisical approach to this blog in recent months? Do I apologize for my apparent slothfulness? Do I pretend we visited just yesterday? Do I go on and on, ad nauseum, trying to excuse myself while simultaneously convincing us both that I'll do better hereafter?  Sigh.  
I vote no - let's just jump back in & call it a win!)

Pure swoonylicious, is what he is

1.  It hit 80 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday.  Also, the sun was shining, it was breezy, and no humidity.  I do love me some spring.

However, all the warm did remind me of a couple of things:  First, a warm sunny day heats up the inside of an un-air-conditioned car considerably.  Second, little rids the neck of kinks and the stomach of knots like a ride down the highway with the windows down & the radio up.

...aaaand thirdly, riding down the highway with the windows down and the radio up renders one's hair a "little crazy," which was the assessment of the five-year-old.

2.  You just know it's going to be a good spring when you kick it off by attending a Food Truck Festival(!) downtown with the littles in tow.  That's right... food trucks stretched out over a city block (or more, who really knows) (it's not like I got past the designated littles area to actually measure) (it seemed like more).  Frankly, it was too crowded for me to delight in the actual dining possibilities because I'm immediately rendered non-hungry when lines wrap around for a sweet forever.  No lie, I ate nothing at said Festival, save the Pepsi we picked up on the way downtown.  However, it was still Big Fun for perhaps no reason other than it was clearly supposed to be.  As I told Kate, any time music is blasted through very loud speakers on a 79-degree evening it's an instant party.

I might have awkwardly pretend-danced a little with Norah while not one person paid me any mind at all.  Owo happily demonstrated his award-winning (not even kidding, he's a bonafide winner)  (I'll tell you sometime) booty-shaking skills for me, and I giggled more than once from the sheer happy of warm spring & crazy surroundings.

3.  Ironically, after eating absolutely nothing shifty and/or shady at the Food Truck Festival(!) I awoke with a stomach bug.  Seriously.  You can't make this stuff up.  

4.  Speaking of Owen, it's possible that I allegedly taught, encouraged him to engage in some problem-solving behavior that turned out to be new to him.

It took him approximately 30 minutes to get me into all kinds of trouble.

Which led me to shamelessly beg the little mister to please forget all he'd learned from me that day, before it was no longer funny & I landed in BIG TROUBLE with his mama.  He found the whole situation delightful and that's all I'm going to say about that.

5.  Audrey and Owen belting out "Let it Go" with no theatrics whatsoever (ha!) with Norah occasionally adding her two-cents.


6.  Kari sent me the above sweet picture of Peyton at the Easter egg hunt after church today...You know, the Big Fun I missed because of stupid aforementioned stomach issue.  A big shout-out to my girl...receiving the pictures helped just the littlest tiny :)