Sunday, July 6, 2014

road work ahead

So let's pretend we chatted last week and not months ago because I have pressing business
that cannot be ignored.

I have a question.  All are welcome to weigh in on this matter, but if you are intricately familiar with Carolina laws of the road...all the better.

So here's the thing.  Are the posted Road Work Ahead / Reduce-speed-or-pay-a-lot-of-dollars signs merely optional in the great State of North Carolina?  

This might seem random to you, but I assure you it is not to me. 

In the 30-mile stretch between my house & Kari's, I go in and out of construction no fewer than three times each way, and each time I see the typical signs with the big, scary if-you-speed-it's-gonna-cost-ya threats.

However, I find when I drop my speed to oh, let's just hypothetically say 60 in a 55, I find myself in great fear of being, well, squashed like a bug.  

Literally, and by literally I mean literally, everyone zips by me like I'm standing still and this makes me question whether it's me who is The Big Dummy Who Doesn't Know Something That Everyone Else Knows.

(I do hate being The Big Dummy Not In The Know.)

It's quite possible I Googled "everyone speeds through construction on 52" when I arrived home this evening in a last-ditch effort to understand.  Alas, I found nary a word on The Google regarding rampant law-breaking taking place in my own backyard.

It is for this reason I am turning to you, my people-who*-I-have-neglected-since-April, to give me clarity...and if I'm lucky, confirmation of vast moral superiority.  Because everyone knows going 60 in a 55 is practically the law.  Unless, you know, there's any squashing involved.

*Who/Whom?  Who really  knows?  Who really cares?  This is why I haven't blogged in a sweet forever...I get ridiculous about the who's, and then I find myself yet again at The Google trying to decide.  And then I still don't know for sure.  And then I get cranky & eat a cookie.

I blame it all on the cookies.