Thursday, August 8, 2013

this goofball...


...has shared his stinkin' germs & rendered me under the weather.


A little word to the wise: 

Beware of kissing runny-nosed two-year-olds, especially cuties wearing their sunglasses upside down.

Have a great day :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

like music to his ears

A couple of weeks ago Kari & Drew went out of town for six whole days while Peyton & I
stayed home and ate an absurd amount of ketchup.

(I might have mentioned this previously.)

(It's possible I even mentioned it a lot on the Facebook.)

He did great, but after around day three he was pretty antsy and especially anxious to see his mama.

We tried to Facetime with her (is that correct terminology? can Facetime be a verb? can someone younger & more knowledgeable please let me know if I'm embarrassing myself?) but the connection was lousy and ended up being more frustrating than comforting.... Kari filmed a quick video complete with a little song!

...and little man viewed it eleventy-hundred times.

He just couldn't get enough of gazing into her face and reminding me that she was,
in fact, his "mama mama mama."

After the 30th viewing, we both knew every word she said to him, complete with the snappy lyrics :)

...and frankly they both turned my heart inside out.

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

sweet abstraction

Owen has been full-on smitten with Norah since the moment they first met.  He can torment his big sister without breaking a sweat, but when it comes to his baby sister he's all oohs & aahs & head rubs.

Seriously.  It's the sweetest thing ever.

I just hope he remains enraptured when she starts destroying his towers & stealing his green blanket.

It's all fun & games until the baby swipes your stuff.

Anyway, right around the time Norah was born our neighbor gave the littles some dry erase markers.  A questionable choice to be sure, but fortunately I had small dry erase board, so Owo went to work.

...and he worked all. evening. long.


"My Whole Fam-i-wy"



Y'all have a great day!

Monday, August 5, 2013

just another day weekend in paradise

We all know it's a total cliche to say, but WHERE ON EARTH is the time going??

I can't believe it's Monday morning again...and even more ridiculous than Monday?  IT'S AUGUST.

How is this possible?

The sad truth is WHO KNOWS? 

Speaking of...I don't have any proof, but I suspect there have been scientific studies conducted in secret offices somewhere that confirm that time is, indeed, moving faster than it used to.

But enough about that because really, who wants to slide into the depths of time-related despair so early on a Monday morning in August?  Not me, that's for sure.

About my weekend...It was full of the miscellany, which is to say THE USUAL.

(I can't stop with the CAPS LOCK today.  I blame August.)

(I'll try to do better & get to the point as best I can.)

Katie came over on Friday & visited for a while, and then Audrey spent the night with me because we had some BIG FUN (sorry) planned for Saturday morning.  This means that Friday was filled up with naughty shenanigans and a fair amount of hollering (mostly the infant) (some by the toddler), (a wee bit from the four-year-old angry at said toddler).

(It appears I've now moved on to parenthetical affection.)

(Let's just press on, shall we?)


Saturday morning Audrey & I were up bright & early for a birthday party(!) for her friend, Addison-who-is-really-Madison(!) and her lots of friends(!).  Also there was a wonderful present that was a Polly Pocket and did you know Audrey has always wanted a Polly Pocket?

We had a great time, and after getting back into the car Audrey proclaimed it awesome.  Truer words were never spoken.  Three hours at a pool with your friends and birthday cake is just about as good as it gets in the preschool world.  Or my world, for that matter.

After finishing up at the pool Kate & I visited some more and enjoyed some Norah snuggles with a fair amount of jiggling and bouncing and walking.  (And back-patting)  (Of course.)
She kinda only likes her mama right now.

Whatever.  She'll change her tune once I start sneaking her the so-da.

I don't really remember Sunday because see above regarding Friday and Saturday.  I think there might have been some church and a fountain Pepsi but even that's a blur & I might have made it up.

Oh!  And Kate surprised me with Krispy Kreme glazed at 10:00 last night because why not???

So how about you?  How was your weekend?

Did you hang out at the pool not in your swimsuit for three hours with a bunch of four and five-year-olds, secretly loving every minute?   Did ya maybe burp an infant or two in your spare time?  Maybe you filled the kitchen sink with water and let a two-year-old wreak soggy havoc all over tarnation?? 

I wanna hear all about it...especially if it involved a mess or three...or in any way warranted an ENTHUSIASTIC USE OF THE ALL CAPS.

Happy Monday :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

something to say

Hello friends!
My name is Norah.

I hopped (hijacked?) on over to AB! today because it came to my attention that my Naynay has barely strung two posts together about me yet and well, we need a proper introduction, you and me.
Plus I just have things to say.
You understand, right?

I'm six weeks old now and when I'm not eating I can be found filling the role of a strawberry.
Which is fitting since my Naynay thinks I'm yummy.

My big sister and brother tend to be Naynay time hogs but nevertheless she and I have persevered and gotten in a few snuggle times much to the Big Kids' chagrin.

(But not too many snuggles. Don't tell anyone -because I like to do it myself by screaming my head off to anyone else who finds me 'yummy'- but I much prefer my Mama. We're BFF's, she and I.)

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Don't come between me and my Mama is all I'm sayin'.

BUT, if someone HAD to, I think I'd like it to be Naynay. She tries hard.
She also cooks yummy food and lets all of us kids destroy her amazingly clean and yummy smelling house and takes Big Sister to a birthday party and brings fountain Pepsi on ice and has a DVR filled with Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse.
Yep, she's pretty great.
So I guess we'll let her off the hook for the lack of bragging blogging about me.
Thanks for all the chaos-embracin' you do, Naynay!
Love, Norah
(for Audrey, Owen, Peyton, & Sadie, too!)