Wednesday, August 7, 2013

like music to his ears

A couple of weeks ago Kari & Drew went out of town for six whole days while Peyton & I
stayed home and ate an absurd amount of ketchup.

(I might have mentioned this previously.)

(It's possible I even mentioned it a lot on the Facebook.)

He did great, but after around day three he was pretty antsy and especially anxious to see his mama.

We tried to Facetime with her (is that correct terminology? can Facetime be a verb? can someone younger & more knowledgeable please let me know if I'm embarrassing myself?) but the connection was lousy and ended up being more frustrating than comforting.... Kari filmed a quick video complete with a little song!

...and little man viewed it eleventy-hundred times.

He just couldn't get enough of gazing into her face and reminding me that she was,
in fact, his "mama mama mama."

After the 30th viewing, we both knew every word she said to him, complete with the snappy lyrics :)

...and frankly they both turned my heart inside out.

Happy Wednesday :)

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