Saturday, August 3, 2013

something to say

Hello friends!
My name is Norah.

I hopped (hijacked?) on over to AB! today because it came to my attention that my Naynay has barely strung two posts together about me yet and well, we need a proper introduction, you and me.
Plus I just have things to say.
You understand, right?

I'm six weeks old now and when I'm not eating I can be found filling the role of a strawberry.
Which is fitting since my Naynay thinks I'm yummy.

My big sister and brother tend to be Naynay time hogs but nevertheless she and I have persevered and gotten in a few snuggle times much to the Big Kids' chagrin.

(But not too many snuggles. Don't tell anyone -because I like to do it myself by screaming my head off to anyone else who finds me 'yummy'- but I much prefer my Mama. We're BFF's, she and I.)

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Don't come between me and my Mama is all I'm sayin'.

BUT, if someone HAD to, I think I'd like it to be Naynay. She tries hard.
She also cooks yummy food and lets all of us kids destroy her amazingly clean and yummy smelling house and takes Big Sister to a birthday party and brings fountain Pepsi on ice and has a DVR filled with Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse.
Yep, she's pretty great.
So I guess we'll let her off the hook for the lack of bragging blogging about me.
Thanks for all the chaos-embracin' you do, Naynay!
Love, Norah
(for Audrey, Owen, Peyton, & Sadie, too!)

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