Thursday, April 25, 2013

I suppose a strong work ethic has to start somewhere

Audrey Faith may be a mere four years old, but she has a job.
Self-imposed though it may be.


Immediately upon arrival, practically before hugs are dispensed, she hunts and gathers and puts things back in their rightful place.
....gathering every Willow Tree she can find and lining 'em up on the bookcase.
Sometimes they're tidy and sometimes they're practically lying on top of each other, but they are always, always right back where she left them.  She might proceed to play with them for half a minute or an hour, depending on her mood, and sometimes she makes quick work of things and moves straight to Mickey...but either way she gets the job done. 
After she goes home I scatter them back around, but not so much because of any sense of order.  Don't tell her but I mainly put 'em back so I can watch her march in next time and do it all over again.
It's a little game she doesn't know we play :)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"don't talk to any toy you don't know"

Behold Owo, in his preferred Woody-Buzz-viewing position.

Isn't he yummier every day?

Happy Wednesday (to infinity and beyond!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

baby's got a discerning palate

Do y'all remember way back sometime when I posted about these meatballs?

 I've made them a few times now and they never, ever disappoint. 

The last time I made them I got comments from my neighbors about the yummy smell floating downstairs.

And it's possible that Peyton might have allegedly eaten more than I did.

But I'll never tell  :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

beagle lovin'


Well.  It's been another week filled up with unexpected and hard.  Last Monday morning I got the third call in about five weeks telling me of the death of a loved one.  sigh. 

Last night I crawled back into my own bed after spending the last week with my sister and family.  I've been so frustrated over these weeks to have SO MUCH to say but no time to sit and share.

I'm secretly hopeful that we can catch up in the next little while but I'm certainly not going to say anything of the kind right out loud!
I will say that if you wanted to pray for me and the fam it would not be wasted.  I'm a little spent, but my sister and her family are so very weary.  I've said it a million times, but without the love and strength that only God can give I don't know how people cope/survive/crawl out of bed when the hard comes knocking. 

I'm so very thankful for Jesus and how He lifts our heads...and hearts :)

Anyhoo.  As I look around at the mess and more mess lying on every surface of my home I have no choice but acknowledge there is no time for bloggy indulgence, so I leave you with these sweet pics of my biggest birthday boy with his new buddy, Jack.
All Shayne wanted for birthday number 18(!) was this yummy little beagle, and seriously, is there any better gift for one's Big Day than a new best friend?  We're thinking Nope!

I can't even believe my sweet nephew is 18 whole years old but well, there you have it.

Happy Monday :) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

maybe it was the facial

So I hate to even say it out loud for fear of some kind of additional backtracking, but I think maybe I'm beginning to feel a little better.  I've tried to mostly just keep all the suffering to myself because seriously who really wants to hear it, but now that I'm beginning to see hope for a future that includes breathing without paroxysms of drama-laced coughing, and speaking full sentences without gasping for air, I'm anxious to share! 

After yet another setback late last week and sleeping approximately 18 or maybe 19 hours Friday night/Saturday I dragged myself up from my sickbed at about three o'clock in the afternoon to attend Kari's Mary Kay party/facial. 

(insert melodramatic sigh here...)
(I KNOW, right?)

(But what's a mom to do?  Kari's new in town and doesn't know a lot of people yet and I had promised and couldn't let her have zero guests...)
(She had other guests anyway so whatever.)

ANYWAY, I've been feeling steadily better since getting up yesterday afternoon, like some kind of corner was turned, and I do believe I just might make it after all.
(Just in time for allergy season to hit, Ha!!)

(Sorry for all the parenthetical drama.  I'm giddy with hope.)
Y'all have a great Monday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

new beginnings and fresh hope

So today I finally got out of the house for a bit, and breathed deep the sunshiny air, and hugged babies, and talked to some other actual people.

There has been some loss, and we've been sick, and it's flat-out been a rough few weeks around these parts, but I'm thankful to report that life is still glorious even in the hard, and sooner or later the miseries abate even just the littlest bit...and before we even know it we're again standing upright, laughing in the sun :)

Feeling especially thankful this Monday afternoon for...

her solemn explanation that she isn't "here to stay" & they're just "givin' me a ride"

fresh hope

my very first "let's get coffee sometime" since moving

her utter determination in transporting her beach paraphernalia to the sandbox, pulling shovel after bucket after rake out of her frilly pinkalicious backpack

his eyes all lit up when he sees me

that chunky little arm resting casually on my leg as he sits close-as-can-be, dunking his chicken nuggets

that oh-so-yummy way she says "Chik-i-lay" every. single. time.

catching up and hearing good things

baby talk

hints of wellness

soft, WARM breezes

new beginnings, on new days, right in front of new weeks

(A Thousand Gifts 1242-1254)