Monday, April 8, 2013

new beginnings and fresh hope

So today I finally got out of the house for a bit, and breathed deep the sunshiny air, and hugged babies, and talked to some other actual people.

There has been some loss, and we've been sick, and it's flat-out been a rough few weeks around these parts, but I'm thankful to report that life is still glorious even in the hard, and sooner or later the miseries abate even just the littlest bit...and before we even know it we're again standing upright, laughing in the sun :)

Feeling especially thankful this Monday afternoon for...

her solemn explanation that she isn't "here to stay" & they're just "givin' me a ride"

fresh hope

my very first "let's get coffee sometime" since moving

her utter determination in transporting her beach paraphernalia to the sandbox, pulling shovel after bucket after rake out of her frilly pinkalicious backpack

his eyes all lit up when he sees me

that chunky little arm resting casually on my leg as he sits close-as-can-be, dunking his chicken nuggets

that oh-so-yummy way she says "Chik-i-lay" every. single. time.

catching up and hearing good things

baby talk

hints of wellness

soft, WARM breezes

new beginnings, on new days, right in front of new weeks

(A Thousand Gifts 1242-1254)

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