Sunday, April 14, 2013

maybe it was the facial

So I hate to even say it out loud for fear of some kind of additional backtracking, but I think maybe I'm beginning to feel a little better.  I've tried to mostly just keep all the suffering to myself because seriously who really wants to hear it, but now that I'm beginning to see hope for a future that includes breathing without paroxysms of drama-laced coughing, and speaking full sentences without gasping for air, I'm anxious to share! 

After yet another setback late last week and sleeping approximately 18 or maybe 19 hours Friday night/Saturday I dragged myself up from my sickbed at about three o'clock in the afternoon to attend Kari's Mary Kay party/facial. 

(insert melodramatic sigh here...)
(I KNOW, right?)

(But what's a mom to do?  Kari's new in town and doesn't know a lot of people yet and I had promised and couldn't let her have zero guests...)
(She had other guests anyway so whatever.)

ANYWAY, I've been feeling steadily better since getting up yesterday afternoon, like some kind of corner was turned, and I do believe I just might make it after all.
(Just in time for allergy season to hit, Ha!!)

(Sorry for all the parenthetical drama.  I'm giddy with hope.)
Y'all have a great Monday!

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