Monday, April 22, 2013

beagle lovin'


Well.  It's been another week filled up with unexpected and hard.  Last Monday morning I got the third call in about five weeks telling me of the death of a loved one.  sigh. 

Last night I crawled back into my own bed after spending the last week with my sister and family.  I've been so frustrated over these weeks to have SO MUCH to say but no time to sit and share.

I'm secretly hopeful that we can catch up in the next little while but I'm certainly not going to say anything of the kind right out loud!
I will say that if you wanted to pray for me and the fam it would not be wasted.  I'm a little spent, but my sister and her family are so very weary.  I've said it a million times, but without the love and strength that only God can give I don't know how people cope/survive/crawl out of bed when the hard comes knocking. 

I'm so very thankful for Jesus and how He lifts our heads...and hearts :)

Anyhoo.  As I look around at the mess and more mess lying on every surface of my home I have no choice but acknowledge there is no time for bloggy indulgence, so I leave you with these sweet pics of my biggest birthday boy with his new buddy, Jack.
All Shayne wanted for birthday number 18(!) was this yummy little beagle, and seriously, is there any better gift for one's Big Day than a new best friend?  We're thinking Nope!

I can't even believe my sweet nephew is 18 whole years old but well, there you have it.

Happy Monday :) 

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