Thursday, April 25, 2013

I suppose a strong work ethic has to start somewhere

Audrey Faith may be a mere four years old, but she has a job.
Self-imposed though it may be.


Immediately upon arrival, practically before hugs are dispensed, she hunts and gathers and puts things back in their rightful place.
....gathering every Willow Tree she can find and lining 'em up on the bookcase.
Sometimes they're tidy and sometimes they're practically lying on top of each other, but they are always, always right back where she left them.  She might proceed to play with them for half a minute or an hour, depending on her mood, and sometimes she makes quick work of things and moves straight to Mickey...but either way she gets the job done. 
After she goes home I scatter them back around, but not so much because of any sense of order.  Don't tell her but I mainly put 'em back so I can watch her march in next time and do it all over again.
It's a little game she doesn't know we play :)


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