Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Just Here to Serve (You Meatballs)


So I made a mental note of these ages and months ago but had basically forgotten all about them, so when I hopped on PW's site, as I'm wont to do on a near-daily basis, and she listed them on the menu for her cooking show that I can't watch because of NO FOOD NETWORK, I purposed in my heart to prepare them as soon as I could get the goldfish swept up from underneath my feet.

Which led to me yesterday.  

(And the longest run-on sentence in maybe ever.)

She didn't disappoint, y'all.  I don't think I've ever had a recipe source with so many suggestions that are not only successful but yield results that I actually like eating.

In other words, the woman knows how to create some Yum.

On the down side, my house started smelling distractingly tasty about two hours before I was able to eat, and this may be the first time in the history of ever that I wanted to lick the oven door. 

I KNOW, right?? 

When I first saw the recipe I thought the whole frying-them-in-oil-after-dredging-in-flour step was possibly overkill.  And unnecessary work.  And an unnecessary layer of not good for me.  But what do I know?  So I decided to stick with the recipe for my first attempt, and they were good, really good.  But I think I'm right in that they would be plenty tasty if I skipped that step, thus freeing up that time better spent on Twitter and those calories better spent on Pepsi with extra ice.

But that's just me.

What I do know is that they really are comforting (thus their "comfort food" moniker) and would probably please any new mama or friend who just needs a dinner-laden hug.  Oh - and they would probably be their very best served with the suggested mashed potatoes.  I was worn out from all the meatball preparation and went the buttered noodles route, and while yummy, I kinda wanna drool when I think of pairing them with said potatoes.

You should be warned, thought, that the aroma will fill your house to a distracting level, to the point where you might dream of meatballs and wake up considering them for breakfast.  

Hypothetically, of course.

Y'all have a great Tuesday!

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