Monday, February 6, 2012

Long, Hot Showers and Praying For My Friends

For the life of me I can't think of anything deep or life-altering to share this morning.  
As opposed to all the other mornings when my absurd meanderings are so full-to-the-brim of deep. 

At the moment my head is full of all manner of fascinating.  Things like spelling lists and first-grade-teacher blogs and good grief I forgot to ask Kari if I can make use of her bulletin board.

I told you, fascinating.

It is for this reason I'm going to - for two weeks in a row - jump straight to a few of the blessings that, 
when I stop to contemplate, take my breath away.

(A Thousand Gifts #941-955)

rainy days and the peaceful way he snuggles contentedly with his eyes wide open

little boy obedience

strawberries in winter

long, hot showers first thing in the morning...or last thing at night

super why! 

random, unexplained patience and finding humor in the humorless 

when the stars burn down and the reckoning 

discovering new (free!) resources

hearing marie's precious baby is still fighting 

prayer.  praying for my friends...and my children...and people I haven't even met

good reports from her emergency surgery

monday's shiny, happy newness

Happy Monday:)

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