Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Did Cut Down That (Not-Really-A-) Cherry Tree Anyway?

Well it's a good thing I have the pix of my backyard trees in all their snow-laden glory because that's all I have left to prove they were ever, well, snow-laden.  Said snow was about 85% gone before the sun went down on that very same day.  It's quite possible I have never seen a-bunch-of-inches of snow melt quite so quickly.  It sounded like rain for pretty much the whole day as all that snow abandoned us en masse.


I'm mostly glad because that balmy winter I've been going on about?  Well it came right back and I'm glad.  If we aren't going to enjoy the white stuff then I say bring back the balm, right? It's been warming up steadily every day this week, and today is supposed to kiss 69 degrees right on the nose.

Sixty-nine degrees, y'all.

If it hits 70 I am doing the happy dance and there's no stopping me.

In celebration of such happy weather times, today has been designated Library Day.  To be followed closely by hot dog day.  Homeboy often eats not much, but stop at the neighborhood 7-Eleven and he can consume two all-beef Oscar Meyers with chili, mustard, and ketchup before I can get the straw in my Pepsi.

It's impressive, is what it is.

I'm hoping to find some little-boy appropriate historical biographies while we're there.  You know the ones?  George Washington is the Father of our Country, and my oh my wasn't that Abe an honest fellow...and hey now that I think about it who was it that cut down that cherry tree?  I'm thinking it could make for some riveting, and well, educational, couch reading with my little man.

(It's a true fact that I seem to have mostly forgotten my elementary education.  I'm reasonably sure I am not, in fact, smarter than a fifth grader.)

(No matter.  I'm a quick study and can re-learn what I forgot I already knew.)

I also would like to find some good reading material for the Lenten season.  I've downloaded Ann V's devotional but I'm not entirely sure it would be best for Mr. I'm Only In First Grade And Focus Is Not My Name.  I need, like, a summer vacation by the pool to go over said material and figure some things out.  

Either way, I have my doubts that the Public Library will have a wealth of Eastery devotional-y types of material but hey, a girl can dream.  Of course now that I think about it this is the same library that has all the "Christian" fiction back behind this wall like it's some type of you know, adult inappropriateness.  They say it's logistics.  Whatever.  I think they're just afraid someone might accidentally pick up a copy of The Yada Yada Prayer Group and accidentally start praying or something.

I've got their number.

Enough of all that.  I need to hit the showers since it's already 8:33 a.m. and in my new life that's gettin' late.


Remember back in the good old days in January when I slept for long periods of time like 7 hours, wiggled my toes for long periods of time upon waking, and my friends worried that a noonish lunch was too early?

Good times, they were.

Although I'm not gonna lie.  Researching historical biographies and lamenting our government's attitude toward wacky women who like to pray makes life feel pretty much full and colorful too.  

Even if my sister did greet me with "Oh my, Aunt Nay does look a little tired this morning..."

I'm sure she meant it as a compliment.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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