Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nine Favorites...For Right Now

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how hard I tried to come up with a tenth.  
I just couldn't do it.  Nine is what is meant to be.

1.  I love iced tea.  I especially love sweet iced tea.  
Recently I've taken it up a notch and played with a variety of fruit teas.  

For a while my M.O. has been to prepare peach tea and pour it over ice, a lemon wedge, and a couple of slices of frozen peaches.  and then proceed to drink on it all day long.  

Oh-but-now, over the last couple of weeks, I have completely lost all beverage-related inhibitions.  I fill up a mason jar with the prepared fruit tea and then add a bit of fresh or frozen fruit...and let it sit around for an hour or seven and get all married or happy.

(I guess married and happy would be better.)

(Either way, suffice it to say I'm hooked and also in love with my fruit tea.)

Sometimes I even prefer it over my Pepsi.  

I don't even know myself anymore.

2.  Travis Cottrell's "When the Stars Burn Down."  When it comes to playing this CD on Spotify I can. not. stop.  His We will Dance feels my heart with such hope and anticipation it makes even the rainiest day seem all full of good.

3. Law & Order, Criminal Intent.  What can I say?  I'm an enigma.

4. Oatmeal with blackberries.  I still can't get enough of this healthy morning delight.  However, I am sorry to report that replacing the strawberries in my cereal with said blackberries was somewhat of a miss for me.  I dunno why...it just didn't work.

5.  My beloved fleece blanket.  All these years later I still love it.  Thanks Kate!!

6.  While perusing approximately a million different sites looking for schooling ideas I came across 280Daily...and I love it!  It's a way for me to journal in bite-sized pieces, which in my case makes it borderline realistic.  Basically it reminds me of Twitter (except it's completely private) in that there are a set number (280) of characters to use to sum up the day.  This feels much more doable for me, and even after just a couple of weeks it's fun to go back and read what in the world I've been doing with my time.

7.  The Big Boo Cast!  Y'all, this was so fun.  I owe Melanie and Sophie many thanks as they gave me more than a couple of giggles while I did random things like scrubbing toilets or washing dishes.  This is mildly embarrassing but I might as well tell ya that I listened to them all.  It took me a while but I persevered and got 'er done.  Now I am again stuck with my own thoughts as I conquer the mundane.

8.  When Peyton was born I was introduced to takethemameal.com.  This just might be seriously the best idea I've come upon in a while.  

It's downright shocking how many bright ideas there are floating around.  
and disheartening that I didn't think of a one of 'em.

9.  Speaking of Peyton...

Some yummy goodness is what he is :)

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