Monday, February 20, 2012

That Tingly Excitement and Napping While the Flakes Fall


How's that for a bedside view?

Not too shabby for a Monday, huh.

Of course our first snowfall of the year would strike on the very weekend I planned to ditch all the snowmen in my life.  As this has been the balmiest winter in recent memory, I have been SO OVER the snow decor and longing for springy goodness since about the second week of January.  Ironically enough, this would have been my weekend to get the spring-train moving.

This now feels a bit absurd, what with our little valley covered with the white stuff.


Tomorrow is indeed another day.

For THIS day, I vote we revel in all things cold and clean and full of sparkly goodness.

Viva la WINTER!

(A Thousand Gifts #967-982)

that tingly excitement that comes when the first flakes start flying

yeasty cinnamon rolls free of guilt because it's a snow day

the none-other-like-it silence that fills the air

the usually-mundane sparkling in the sun

road trips and audrey conversations and the way my girls tolerate the rambling

napping while the flakes fall and waking to the flakes still falling, and enjoying the happy

lunching traditions

unexpected "free" time

electricity that teased but ultimately chose to stay

promises of the soon return of warm

a near-silent Lord's Day spent only with Him

the perfect completeness I feel when sitting in a room with my children and their children

Happy Monday!!

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