Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bring Out The Popcorn 'Cause It's Movie Time!

Okay folks, time to pull out your favorite blankie, grab a Pepsi on ice, and assume your most polite, albeit blank, stare.

Thaaat's right.  I'm pulling out the home movies.

It had to be done and frankly I'm shocked I don't do it more often.  If I had to guess I'd say perhaps it's because my skills as a videographer are right there on a par with my photography skills and that's all I think I'll say about that.

I lied.  I'll say one more thing.  I don't know what I'm doing.  This video looks so much better viewing it on my computer than after I downloaded it to YT.  If you have knowledge and/or suggestions I'm all ears.  

Whatever.  I'm forging ahead.  It can't be helped.

This is Owen.  He's opinionated, and one, and a little bit messy and crazy-loud, and he sometimes often sounds madder than he is.  He is also snuggly, and cuddly, and smart.  And when he deigns to flash you a smile the whole world just melts away.

So without further adieu, behold my man, my buddy, my sweet, full-of-yummy Owen in all of his grody glory!

(you might want to turn your volume down a touch, ha!)

1.  It was going oh-so-beautifully until I talked over him as he tried to say daddy.  We never fully recovered.  It's all fun & games until Naynay interrupts your flow.

2.  He was terribly aggravated because there were goin's ons to his right with a certain three-week-old bundle of Peyton.  Sir Owen was not having any of the sharing and just couldn't. let. it. go.

3.  Did you catch him blowing that kiss?  Don't worry, it was easy to miss (at :57ish) but in my grandma opinion HILARIOUS.

3.  I tried so hard to get him to say/wave goodbye for the camera (all the flickering shadows are me behind the camera frantically waving at him, ha!) ...and then totally cut the wave off at the end.


Happy Tuesday :)

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