Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bring on the Caffeine and No. 2 Pencils

So about a year ago I started praying for God to give me some direction and focus.  A little, dare I say, purpose.  Of course my family is my first responsibility, but I can't smother my grandbabies with kisses while stuffing casseroles into my daughters and their husbands 24/7.  

I was on the hunt for some kind of well, mission, if you will, that wasn't so completely instinctual.  Something at least mildly inconvenient...perhaps a bit on the sacrificial side.

Specifically I prayed for one new person in whose life I could make a difference.  I didn't know what she would look like, but I kinda pictured some sweet girl who needed a place to stay, or maybe a neighbor who was feeling all alone.  Shoot, even a pregnant-and-alone sweetie occasionally crept around the edges of my imagination.  I could bestow some love and chicken casserole on the whoever and then sink back into my always-except-when-not tidy, quiet, orderly world.

Seemed like a pretty good plan to me.

Except I never found her.  

This year I have become even more proactive - and specific - in my praying.  I so want my every day be filled with purpose and meaning.  No sliding aimlessly from day to simply reacting to whatever - or whoever - shows up in front of my face.  

Purpose in the verb-y sense of the word.


As of Monday I became the teacher of a first-grader.

My sweet nephew has been having difficulty in school, what with being a bit square-peggy in the world of public school round-hole-iness, and God whispered in my ear that perhaps, just perhaps, my purpose-contributing person might not be a...she at all, and wouldn't it be hilarious if she wasn't even new?

After all, he already owns some square footage in my heart.  

Could there be a better purpose than filling up his days with love and acceptance
...and more than a couple of "DUDE, what-are-ya-thinkin?"s.

I think not.

I'm pretty sure order, and tidiness, and definitely peace & quiet, have marched straight out my front door, but I haven't felt this excited (and full of terror) in a long time!  If you have any first-grade homeschooling suggestions I am UP FOR SUGGESTIONS.  For the next few months we're taking the chill approach and filling our days mostly with books and hugs...and snacks ;)  

Please pray for us?  Often??

It's gonna be A HOOT!

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