Monday, February 27, 2012

Balmy Breezes and Strawberry Jam on the Wall

I have determined not to ramble on and on today about my delightful weekend with the fam.

No one needs to hear about all the hugs and giggles and Green Eggs and Ham and peek-a-boos and chocolate milk, and yes, struggles for possession of whatever is in the other (beloved) child's hand.

Roll-out-of-bed and go to IHOP?  Who needs it?

Read the menu and call it school?


I'm going to keep the fact that the weather was balmy, wonderful, weird, and bitter cold practically at the same time.

No sense in bragging to my friends who do not reside in the south.

That would just be mean.

...and I most definitely, absolutely without a doubt will keep the fact that I went to sleep (SLEEP) at approximately 8:00 p.m. Saturday night - and slept through the night like the proverbial baby - to myself.

No one would ever believe it anyway.

(A Thousand Gifts 983-1004)

his early-morning joy and her late-night snuggles 

balmy breezes and warm shelter when they turn bitter

strawberry jam on the wall and goldfish on the floor

the big blue chair and finding the remote

rocking horses on the porch and watching them "mow the lawn"

a good night's sleep and curling up with her on the floor

spontaneous pancakes and changing plans

that messy-faced boy and messy-haired girl and always the just-bathed babies

quiet times with Jesus and jumping with joy

new perspective and old lessons

Stopping, and seeing, and thanking Him with all my heart for 1004 special gifts undeserved

Happy Monday!

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