Friday, February 17, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Delight

So I'm sitting here with my laptop on my, well, lap.  I have a large amount of laundry sitting in my car waiting to be carried in the house, dragged up the stairs, and put away appropriately.  Yet I'm sitting here with the aforementioned laptop.

My excuse is I needed to eat the carefully-constructed all-beef hot dog from my local 7-Eleven before it got completely inedible from lack of hot.  As far as excuses go I'm thinking that's a pretty good one.

We did school in the living room (a tiny bit), the car (a little more), Food Lion (what does that box say and what's the difference between that box and this one?), and a good bit inside the laundromat.

I had forgotten how fun it is to school at home where you can make the rules as you go along.  Personally I think watching Elijah's delight in discovering the crazy-big, huge washing machine spinning out the now-clean clothes is the most delight I've experienced since, well, yesterday when I squeezed that newborn that I'm so fond of.

I also find the sound of his laugh to be on the delightful side, 
and quite frankly, hearing him sound out his words makes me a different kind of happy altogether.

...and when he lagged behind me to hold the door open for that delighted woman heading his way?

Yeah, delight doubled.

I do love me a sunny Friday spent with love.

Happy Friday!

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