Sunday, March 24, 2013

I hate to say she lied, but well, she did

So it is entirely possible that I only have about one minute to lollygag here on the worldwideweb before I'm summoned to refill Owo's sippy cup and/or help him lose his drawers so he can make another potty run...or in the off chance he actually passes out and falls asleep and gives me two minutes to myself I imagine our very feverish Audrey will awaken and pitifully declare her dire need for, well, me(Go figure.)
Be that as it may, I just had to hop on to say hey! and how are y'all doing? and I hope things are going okay in your respective neighborhoods.  We've had kind of a lot of hard around here over the last couple of weeks, and right now I have the littles for a few days while Katie & Jeremy are out of town.  To say the babies had different plans for this weekend would be an undestatement, but they're as sweet and funny and delightful as ever (excepting Audrey's feverish state, of course!)
Anyhoo, I-miss-you blah, blah, blahs aside, I mainly wanted to share something that's been weighing heavy, and it only feels right to use my personal platform here at AB! to share my deep resentment for the way Spring lied to me. 

There's just no other way to look at it.  She lied to my face.  (Kinda literally, what with all the sneezing and coughing and stuffy-headedness endured...)  Was it just last week I was waxing all thankful for things like headaches and runny noses because it was accompanying the glorious return of all things warm and delightful?
A driving rain for a sweet forever with the temp maxing out at 37 degrees is all I"m saying.
Well that and NO SNOW.

I don't want to be all bitter and unforgiving, but all I know is she has some serious damage control to do if she wants me to trust her again... 
Y'all stay warm out there!

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