Friday, March 1, 2013

lunch and a fuzzy picture

Y'all.  I know

I've been really stingy with my bajillion words in recent days.  I had planned to get all caught up today but instead opted to visit with my good pal Beth via her (yesterday's) live stream.  And then lo and behold Shannan gave me the heads-up that Frances Chan was also on the worldwideweb via the Verge Conference

What's a girl on a quest for some reviving to do? 

Ditch the talking and commence with some listening, that's what.

(I know it's fuzzy but seriously take in ALL THAT CUTE)

Be that as it may, it has occurred to me I've never once shared one of my family's greatest recipes of all time.  I'm not sure if it originated with Mamaw Honaker or if J created it herself, but either way it's always been a sure-fire, easy-to-throw-together success for me and mine.

Here's what you do:

Take a package of  hamburger & brown it up all pretty. 
(In case you're interested, I've become a big fan of browning the daylights out of my ground beef.  Make sure it's all caramelized & colorful.)

(You'll be glad you did.)

Moving on.

After you've drained it, throw it back in the pan and add ketchup, mustard, & brown sugar, and let it simmer until it caramelizes & looks too yummy to wait any longer.

Toast a hamburger bun and load it up with the meat mixture. 

(Add some mayo to the bun if you're weird like me.)

Eat and repeat.

Best Sloppy Joes in the history of ever.  No lie.

Happy, Happy Friday!

I love ya :)

Best Sloppy Joes in the History of Ever No Lie
1 Pound Hamburger
1 Cup Ketchup
4 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Mustard

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