Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I made it and didn't even fly off the mountain

Well.  The drive home wasn't exactly what I expected.

There was scary wind that I was certain would shove me unceremoniously into the path of the dumb trucks weaving all over the road.  I presume they were weaving because of the aforementioned wind but who really knows for sure.

Then there was the snowstorm I encountered atop the mountain.

Today's confused weather, that obviously didn't get the It's-mid-March-and-the-time-has-already-changed memo, rendered me unwilling to let go of 10 and 2...even to enjoy my long-awaited icy-cold beverage...for most of the drive.

It's a  miracle I made it home in one piece is all I'm saying.

But I did! and I'm very thankful to have done so.  God took very good care of me.

Shockingly, there was also drama of the aggravating kind only about 72 hours earlier while on my way to my mom's, but again God heard my desperate prayers and protected me from my amusing-only-to-others dilemma.

At least three of you are probably happy to know that I'm now wearing my beloved, albeit mildly aged, robe, I've finished off my beverage, and since it's officially after 9:10 in the p.m. my next move is to crawl in my bed to await my tomorrow do-over.

I'm feeling a little excited to see what Thursday brings. 
Perhaps things will go COMPLETELY CRAZY and we'll have some sunshine with accompanying warmish weather. springs eternally in my heart.

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