Tuesday, May 7, 2013

old and new, and a little old

The more I get out and about, the more I find that Winston is a fascinating city. 

It's a really strange and fun (and sometimes disconcerting) mix of old and new, with a little more old mixed in.

I've yet to run across a truly "fancy" neighborhood.  Driving down the street I will pass a few gorgeous brick colonials, an old-school A-frame or two intermixed with comfy family ranches, and then the occasional mobile home.

It's crazy, man! 

I'm not sure there are a lot of truly "bad" or upscale neighborhoods.  They're all jumbled together in a delightful hodgepodge full of random.

And y'all know how I love me some random.

There are trees galore, even right in the middle of town. 
Frankly, I can't get enough of them.

No matter where I seem to go it doesn't feel anything like city life, (except for traffic!) and I'm soaking up the history, and character, and occasional sunshine, like a sponge.

These photos were taken just minutes from downtown, literally along the side of the road near a shop we visited on a whim.  

It wasn't a park or advertised, set-aside space, just a random little spot we happened upon that sports some ancient-ish history.

I wouldn't say it feels like home yet, but I'm really liking what I see...

Of course, the crystal blue sky & balmy temperatures on this day didn't hurt one little bit :)

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