Sunday, May 26, 2013

six on a sunny sunday

I love lots of things.

Lots of things to love.

...but for the sake of six, I'll attempt to narrow it down. 

Today, just...this.

1.  The street lined with American flags, waving in the breeze.

2.  Chatting it up with sweet Subway employees & teasing good-natured strangers
about Sunday afternoon silliness.

3.  Greeting Audrey at the door & giggling through her excited discussion of her oh-so-beautiful butterfly dress. 

(And the bow! in the back!)

(And the other bow! in her hair!)

4.  My VERY OWN, brand new North Carolina library card.

5.  Owo' hurrying outside to see "Gwanma & Gwanpa," my elderly downstairs neighbors, and his sweet wave and "hewwo" ...and their utter delight.

6.  Windows and doors wide open with nary a sneeze to be found!

Now you tell me if I'm wrong, but that's some pretty great right there, don't ya think?

I hope you're having a happy, happy Sunday :)

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