Sunday, June 2, 2013

sweet ballerina

Today was fun :)  

Audrey had her first dance recital and Y'all, every single child there was just as delightful as you might expect.  The recital was for littles like Audrey and her friends, all the way up to high school seniors, and truth be told, I kinda wanted to hug them all.  

I asked her to "do something" for me, to which she replied she would need music first.  Duh!

I don't think I've ever seen her so excited.  She marched out on stage and did her thing with great enthusiasm - and it should be noted - nary a crossed arm or bashful freak-out.  These were taken afterwards, and she was flat-out giddy with what I can only assume was some performance-driven adrenaline.

We were told no pictures so I didn't bother to bring my camera, which means all I have are these from my phone, which means of course BLURRY, but they still make me so happy...

...just like she does :)


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