Wednesday, June 26, 2013

coming up empty

Honest to goodness I logged on tonight with not one idea of anything to say.

So I decided to just start typing because I always manage to come up with a fair amount of drivel when I give myself the chance and yet still nothing.



See?  Even when going a step further and typing a few more futile words I'm coming up empty, so I think I'll do us all a favor & call it a night.

But first, I leave you with today's snapshot of our sweet Norah.
She's such a bundle of precious I can hardly think about anything else so why even try?

Here's another one, for good measure.

ps - All of my Baby Norah pictures have been from my phone & are not great (even by my standards!), but I haven't been able to access the pictures on my other camera.  

Unfortunate timing, to be sure, but there you have it.

May we all sleep like, well, babies tonight :)

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