Wednesday, June 5, 2013

cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'

View from my porch on a day that's not rainy and therefore not today

It should be noted that I have no intention of going all complain-y on you, but I feel compelled to note the above picture was taken last week and not today.

Today it's raining.  

Again and a lot.

It was all gray and gloomy and mostly awful yesterday but I kept holding out for the promised afternoon sun.  In fact, my optimism was so very high that I put off washing my hair because THE POOL.  Unfortunately my hopes were dashed, and quite frankly I ended up looking all bed-headed the whole livelong day with nary a need for sunscreen.

Ironically enough, the promised sunshine did approximately 5:30 in the p-m, which of course is much too late to be of any good to my ghost-like appearance, but at least it renewed my delighted expectations for today and ALL THE VITAMIN D.

Color me both shocked and aggravated to awaken to the sound of a driving rain that could mean only one thing.  Okay two things.  Wet and also no sun.

Sooo, after I bolted out of bed to sop up all the mess that made it's way through my living room window, down the wall and onto the carpet, I accepted the fact that my apartment-living fringe benefit would continue to be useless until - if we are to believe the doggone smiley weather experts - sometime next week.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

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