Sunday, June 23, 2013


She arrived on a Thursday in June at the end of a very long day
that suddenly felt not long at all.

She's all pink and tiny and a-little-bit-big, and cuddly and warm, and full of new.


She's eight pounds and thirteen ounces full of precious and nearly two feet(!) long, 
yet she fits in the crook of my arm like it's been waiting for her since forever.

She scrunches up her little face like she means business and then settles right back into 
a peace I only wish I could remember...

She's a bundle of pure joy, and potential, and hope, and love...

She's my second granddaughter, my fourth grandchild.  

She's my, fills-my-heart-right-up, where-on-earth-have-you-been-all-this-time, 
Norah Grace
and I'll be forever thankful for every bit of her :) 


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