Saturday, June 8, 2013

right now...

...I'm hanging out waiting for my girl to arrive so we can drop off her wee babe and pick up my great-with-child-and-definitely-not-wee firstborn.  We shall then make our way to Charlotte, where we will reportedly find  an embarrassment of delights in the form of outlets and Ikea and yes, The Cheesecake Factory.  

(Let's just take a moment here, shall we?)

...I have a sink full of dishes from dinner last night.  The countertops might also be littered with assorted and also ridiculous miscellany such as empty Pepsi cans and dangerously-close-to-overripe melons.  and yet here I sit visiting with you and very aggressively ignoring the aforementioned mess.  (upside of alone-living!)

...I spy a super-soft blanket on my bedroom floor, tucked against the wall with three soft pillows and one tiny elephant.  Evidence of my sweet visit with Peyton yesterday and his increasingly cooperative napping.  That child is ridiculously compliant & sweet-natured.  
Love him.

...I'm listening to a sweet song on Pandora that's making my heart ache just the tiniest bit with the best kind of nostalgia.  


...I've been struggling with the clasp of a bracelet that was a gift from one of my dearest a few years ago.  I can't even pull it out of my jewelry box without wanting to hug her tight.  I wonder if she even remembers finding it for me?  I wonder if she has any idea how it fills my heart when I see it on my wrist?

...My crazy-old oscillating fan in the bedroom is making an unpleasant screeching sound as it rotates.  I fear for it's future.

...Kari just texted that she's still 20-ish minutes away.  Wonder if I should run to the store for a Snickers for our hapless sitter/daddy/uncle who is, in fact, not, going to be enjoying a pleasant afternoon visiting and shopping and eating and patting baby bellies?  

...I'm filled with quite the conglomeration of feelings and I don't really know why.  I suppose sometimes feelings just cascade over in an uncontrollable fashion and you just have to "dog swim" (shout out to the four-year-old!) your way through them.  

...Right now I"m feeling thankful and burdened and peaceful and sad and hopeful and nostalgic and happy.  Oh, and thirsty :)

So what in the world is going on in your world right now?  (Do spill!)

Y'all have a happy Saturday!

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