Monday, June 24, 2013

general miscelleny in the form of a list

Where I haven't been in weeks, not that I'm complaining or anything

Okay, so I'm tired from all the recent wonderful. 
Therefore, all I have for you is some scattered thoughts in listy form.

1.  I'm so, so sorry to report that the car AC started to "run warm" again just two days after spending money I mostly didn't have to get it repaired.  Upon further discussion with The Guy, he informs me it'll only cost 500 million fountain Pepsi's to get her up and running, as if fountain Pepsi's grow on trees.  As tempted as I was, it seemed like proceeding would be a poor decision because I think we all know I can't live that long without another fountain Pepsi on ice.

2.  I've been sweating more than I'm comfortable sharing on the worldwideweb.

I have also been fussing and griping and getting all mad as I zip down Highway 52 at 70 miles per hour with all my windows down, and I"m just going to tell you straight up that you could not pay me enough to divulge the crankiness that is me when sitting in traffic.

(Unless, of course, you offered 500 million fountain Pepsi's...)

B.  I saw Norah and the littles today and it was worth every bit of hot and cranky I endured to kiss those little fingers and cheeks and sniff her baby-head a few dozen times. 

Audrey took her away from me because she is a poor sharer, but as soon as she caught a whiff of a certain little something Norah had deposited she quickly offered to give her back, ha!

7.  Just this.

 Waffle Cone with Chocolatey Chips

a.  I recently rediscovered the glorious wonder that is sweet tea, as opposed to the mostly sugar-free stuff I've resorted to over the past couple of years.  I feel kinda bad for the sub par stuff I've been serving my family in recent days.  They'll be relieved to know I've rejected the folly of my unsweet ways & am now back on track.

4.  Owen has started a new thing since two whole days ago when he spent days & days with me.  He walks up and cocks his head and says "huh?" whenever he's surprised.  For instance, today he came out of his room where he was supposed to be napping to find me in the living room, and proceeds to cock his head to the side and exclaim "huh? why are you here Naynay, this is not your house?" 

I try not to take such things personally.

D.  Audrey is now concerned about me living alone.  I don't know when or why the light bulb went off but suddenly she's all worried about me being lonely and wants to send someone to stay with me. 

(Little does she know of all the delighted wall-staring I do when I find myself sitting in silence.)

c.  (Please don't tell her about all the delighted wall-staring I do when I find myself in blessed silence.)

12.  Finally, there is this...

(You're so welcome.)


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