Thursday, January 9, 2014

i wish to slow down all the days

Sadie-Pie at about 2-1/2 months.  She's 3 months old today!  (Photo taken by Kari)

I know I should be using more than a few words to try to catch up on...well, everything, but mostly I just want to take my now-routine dose of the NyQuil and sleep the sleep of the oldish. 

(I fear for all of us once I find the time to actually sit down and start with all the updating of all the things)

(But that's for another day.)

For now, let's all just take a moment to enjoy these current-ish pictures of our two littlest littles ;)

Norah is already six months old! (Photo taken by Katie)


It's hard to handle all this yummy, but I do the best I can ;)

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