Sunday, January 5, 2014

sunday six: where've y'all been?

 Well.  Apparently if I'm ever to get back into my bloggy groove I'll have to dive straight into the drivel.

So without further adieu, here are my six on this very rainy, foggy, COLD Sunday...

1.  I made this today.  Suffice it to say it DID NOT disappoint.  I know it's ridiculous so early in January because everyone knows the first two weeks of January should be spent eating salads and kale (yuck!), but I made mashed potatoes, and y'all...YUM. 

2.  Peyton and I had some fun this afternoon Facetiming.  Is Facetiming a word?  Who cares, it was fun and it works for us, and he never ever notices if I engage in some unpleasant nose-blowing whilst we visit.  That kid is so hilarious and adorable.  You should ask him sometime to tell you about his dad's yuckies.  Toddler perfection is what it is.

3.  Speaking of yuckies.  Peanut spent NYE with that precious stomach bug that's been going around, sending the rest of us into sheer panic mode.  We've been on what I affectionately bitterly refer to as #vomitwatch2014, but so far he is the only one who has completely fallen.  Kari, Drew & I have had varying degrees of discomfort, but that might be because we've spent the last several days on high alert, ha!

4.  Y'all know how I hate to complain, but I am on approximately week 37 of requiring DayQuil/NyQuil just to get through the day/night.   I've been just a delight to be around in recent days/weeks/month.  SIGH.

5.  I haven't nailed down my word for 2014 yet.  I hate to make a final decision while under the influence of the aforementioned medicinal agents.

6.  I hate to brag but I scored a bag of M&Ms at Target for 70% off Friday.  I was so excited - it took everything in me not to buy 70% more just to balance things out...

I guess that's it for tonight y'all.  I've missed you :)

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