Monday, November 15, 2010

He is worthy of our praise from the beginning to the end

holy experience

It's been a strange week.  On the same day my daughter brought home her newborn son from the hospital a beloved family member, my grandmother-by-marriage (although she never felt like an in-law to me!), my daughters' great grandmother, went home to be with the Lord.  She was over 100 years old and very ready to go home, but still it feels bittersweet to say goodbye. 

This weekend at home there was also a memorial service for Mrs. P., a dear friend who passed away recently from cancer.  She was a teacher for many years and a blessing to so many of us.  It feels odd to have the goodbyes intermingled with such a joyous time, but for us these goodbyes are only see you later's because we know we'll see each other again in what will seem to be the blink of an eye!

It's been hard for me to articulate the specifics of my thanksgiving this week for many reasons, my swirling emotions being part of it, and I'm sure fatigue and distraction also comes into play.  It's odd to me how difficult it has been because I have been feeling sooo grateful!  I'm thankful that God knows my heart and recognizes the nuances of what I'm feeling even when putting them into words is a struggle.  He loves me so...and I'm so thankful!

A Thousand Gifts #103-117

precious good health - and safety - of both my daughter and my grandson

mild, sunny, beautiful weather in november

that first snuggle with my daughter's just-born son.  heaven on earth.

increasing glimpses of little audrey's hi-larious sense of humor

a gilmore girls-style dinner during a gilmore girls marathon with my firstborn

chocolate chip cookie dough

sleeping smiles

psalm 23

the hum of a fully loaded dishwasher doing its work so I don't have to at the end of a long day

the gift of time this past week with my family, time to offer what little help I have to give, time to giggle with my grandchildren, and enjoy the sheer pleasure of sleeping under the same roof with my daughter again for just a little while. 

the refreshment that comes with morning after sleeping a good sleep

the complexity that is life... the gift that is life... the responsibility that is life!  ...the potential of a life just begun... and the beauty of a life well-lived

Mamaw (Elsie) Farmer was a wonderful woman who loved me for what feels like my whole life.  She loved me like she was my grandmother, even though I was "only" a granddaughter by marriage, and she never stopped loving me no matter how circumstances changed over the years.  She showed me what having a grandmother looked like....and felt like.  Over and over, and time and again she made my heart happy, and I will miss her.

And finally, I'm so grateful for the priceless certainty that she is no longer tired, or in pain, or sad, or homesick.  She is now with our Father who loves her more than we could, hard as that is to fathom, and she is strong and happy.  She is with many of her loved ones who died before her...and best of all she is with our Father and finally has perfect, beautiful peace.  At 101 she lived an honorable, productive, loving life and left behind a legacy that inspires me to be better, to work harder, and to love more.  I can never ever thank God enough for allowing me to be loved by her, but I am grateful.

Happy Monday!


Drew & Kari said...

very well said :) I love you!

GlowinGirl said...

Giving thanks with you for a piece of heaven on earth and a Heaven to go home to. I sorrow with you in your loss, and anticipate with you the day we join all those loved ones who've gone before. The LORD be with you.

Stacey said...

From life's first cry to final breath - Jesus commands my destiny!

May you feel His gentle arms in the in between as you celebrate both.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I understand that fine line between life and death . . . gives us glimpes of heaven on earth.

Enjoyed reading

5ALLENZ said...

beautifully put- what precious gifts God gives-- love ya!

Sharon said...

*smile* my mother always says one thing she loves about working in a hospital is that she can witness a death on one floor and go to the birthing unit the next moment and watch life begin.
Praying God's comfort surrounds you as you say goodbye and hello.

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