Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten on Friday

It's been a long week, people.

A long week.

That's not to say it hasn't been a simply wonderful week because it has.  It has been packed to-the-brim full of wonderful goodness, or perhaps good wonderfulness.  Hard to say at this point.  I have a bajillion things to talk about but I'm so tired I can't move seven of my ten fingers and I'm not sure I'll be in any shape to chase a toddler around for another 12 or 200 hours unless I get some rest.  If I were a person who was prone to whiny complainy-ness I would tell you that approximately 92.65% of my body is either numb or aching, ACHING! this morning.  But as you know, I am not one to complain and I prefer to keep my aches and pains to myself.  No sense burdening you kind friends with my suffering.  I will say this, however...boy oh boy is my sweet Audrey full of energy, and enthusiasm, and perhaps a teensy bit of moody drama these days.  just sayin.

Therefore, I am just going to slap ten things on a list for journaling purposes and call it a day.  Hopefully this will help me remember this blessings-filled, activity-packed, crazy-terrific week that we have had around here.  Feel free to read on or run for the hills, whatever floats your boat.  I may or may not elucidate* said list at a later date.  I suspect it will depend on my mood.  Sad but true. 

1.  Mamaw Farmer

2.  Blue's Clues (aka "Dog")

3.  Dental Hygiene

4.  Banana Pudding

5.  Lemongrass

6.  Gilmore Girls

7.  Pumpkin Spice

8.  Roaming, roaming, and more roaming

9.  Vroom Vroom

10.  "That was so fun!"

Happy Friday, Y'all!

*elucidate = to make clear or plain.  you're welcome.

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