Monday, November 26, 2012

interstate moving, naynay-style


I'm slowly getting settled in.  And by slowly I mean I finally replaced my shower head and currently know where both my toothbrush and phone charger are. 

Progress may be slow, but don't judge.  My help and I have been BUSY!

There was breakfast in bed with multiple episodes of "Super Readers,"

and a fair amount of organizing and, well, mess-making,

as well as some obligatory cousin-ly bickering (with THIS face NO WAY!!)

(Apparently they needed a little more practice on being rotten)

AND THEN!  On Saturday Peyton helped us help Mommy & Daddy get moved in while enjoying a tasty treat

Doesn't Kari look pretty in her new kitchen?

True story, productivity is EXHAUSTINGZzzzzzzz...
Y'all have a good day!

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