Monday, November 12, 2012

msm: timhntty part two

Another little something I might have neglected to tell you?

My baby is packing up all of her worldly possessions and moving away from home.

(For seriously.)

(I'm not even kidding at all.)

Not only that, but she's packing up her husband and her baby and taking them with her.


In a nutshell, Drew got a wonderful new job, at a wonderful new church, in a wonderful little town.  So it only seemed right for her to go with.

And of course as The Mom it certainly only seems right that I spent my Monday helping her sort through her life & put it all into boxes and/or the trash can.  (There could have been a bit of junk-tossing taking place as well.)

I'm happy for them really and truly, but there has been a fair amount of Wow! Life is changing all around and where did the time go and my baby went and grew up 
and did I mention WOW?

(Not that I'm feeling melodramatic or anything.)

Later gators!

p.s.  I'm joining in with Flower Patch Farmgirl for Money Shot Monday :)

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