Monday, November 26, 2012

msm: on laundry and tiny alleged dribblers

Y'all.  It's 11:58 in the p-m around here, so time is of the essence if I'm to be bonafide in calling this masterpiece my Monday Money Shot. 

(So I guess I'll cut right to the chase...)

(Ha!  Not likely!)

The above photo pretty much sums up my current focus, excepting my detour to the local YMCA where I dropped Audrey off at her first Little Dribblers practice and nearly died from all the cute.  If you ever find yourself feeling a bit blue or glum or even cranky I dare you to find yourself some three-to-four-year-old basketball practice.  
Hilarious with also a good dose of precious.

Well.  I digressed quite a bit right there, didn't I?  

Back to the above photo.  I finally had my new washer and dryer delivered today and wasted no time in testing it out.  It's been loud and busy around these parts today but I'm feeling more than a little productive.  It also helped that I hung three pictures and a mirror during the course of this very same day.  

Another week or three and I'll be moderately settled in, and then what on earth will we do? 

For now?  I suggest sleep!   

Nitey nite :)

 p.s.  I'm joining in with Flower Patch Farmgirl for Money Shot Monday :)

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