Sunday, November 11, 2012

timhntty part one

It might appear by my recent lack of blogging that my life has fallen quiet and boring and devoid of fascinating minutiae.  

However, I assure you that would be an false appearance.

My life has been filled straight up with all manner of fascinating minutiae.


For this reason, I decided to begin a little series this week I like to call 

things i might have neglected to tell you.  

(Clever is what I have never been called.)
(And yet, we remain friends!)  (Yaay!)

First things first.

Owen is two!

You heard me right! 
It has already been two whole years since this sweet thing joined our family.

I mostly can't remember life before he came along.    
Whatever did I do before I knew this yummy little bit of toddler perfection?  

Never ever ever could I have imagined the joy wrapped up isuch a grody, stinky, sweet-as-sugar, clumsy, funny, smart, veryloud small-boy-bundle-of-delight package.

Happy bloggy birthday greetings, sweet heart-of-mine!

Naynay loves every grody, stinky, sweet-as-sugar, clumsy, funny, smart, 
veryloud speck of ya :)


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