Saturday, April 30, 2011

I know, I know...

I'm going to give you all whiplash from all the switching around and shaking things up and never for one minute leaving well-enough alone.

What can I say?  I struggle with decisions.  Unfortunately for all of us, this is who I am.

I welcome your opinions regarding my latest look since I still lack peace in this venue.  NO PEACE.  I especially desire to know if you are feeling claustrophobic.

Why yes, I do at times let my OCD out to play.  Why do you ask?

I know I must seem silly, but I don't want all my friends to go away because I created a claustrophobia-inducing place to visit.   I care, people.  I care deeply.

On a completely unrelated note, if someone somewhere out there would like to "follow me" I would sleep better tonight as I need symmetry in my life.

I'm just sayin'.

Happy Saturday!!


Building Walls said...

I LOVE the new look!!! Don't change ONE thing! :) Love you.

Drew & Kari said...

I love it too! So much that I went to that website and picked out a new one for me! I liked a lot of those templates!

Renee said...

Thanks guys! It doesn't feel nearly as cluttered on my bigger screen. I guess everything seems a little tighter on the smaller laptop.

It's a great site, isn't it Kari. I'm not gonna lie, though, I can't even believe you made such a great change that quickly. I labored forEVER trying to make a decision ;)

Love you both!

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