Friday, September 17, 2010

From writer's block to too much to say in less than 55 minutes

So here I was, thinking I had nothing to say.  I was all out of words.  NO words left for Renee one week into her blogging experience. 

Then I got over myself and went to Chick-fil-A.

Oh Chick-fil-A.  I can't even count the ways I love me some Chick-fil-A.  It isn't even so much the actual food itself, although it is seriously yummo and has been for a hundred years.  I have found that just the idea of chick-fil-A makes my heart sing.

(Your suspicions are true.  I'm weird.  At somewhere around 37 or 42-years-old I decided to accept, and yes, embrace the weirdness.)

I digress...often.   So, as I was driving to Chick-fil-A I had several profound thoughts.  I posted the more serious thoughts that I thought yesterday.  I really did have a lovely time in the car with the Lord mulling over various things.... so that doesn't need to be addressed again.

Except I kinda just did, didn't I?  Address it again, I mean.  Oh dear...

Anyway, to wrap this up before I have further humiliated myself:  A couple of thoughts about Chick-fil-A:

First off - and this is a Public Service Announcement and really should have been highlighted at the very top of this post, except that would require cutting and pasting and I'm tired so I won't - Today is FREE BREAKFAST FRIDAY at Chick-fil-A at Valley View.  This is very exciting news that I'm sure my two or six readers will thoroughly appreciate.  Go forth and eat chicken, my friends!!

Also, and this thought just came to me as I've been editing, and editing, and editing this "spontaneous" drivel... don't you think the word/name "Chick-fil-A" looks funny and odd and incorrect?  Just to ensure accuracy, I looked it up on the official website and it is, in fact, correct.  How 'bout that.  I guess it was always weird and I was too weird to notice.

And finally (and perhaps most importantly of all), what in the world is up with canola oil on the waffle fries?  Is nothing sacred?  I ate a whole order of said fries to see if I could discern the crummy old canola and I'm pretty sure I did after 8 or 14 fries.  BRING BACK THE PEANUTS, folks!!

The end.

Happy Friday!

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Lauren said...

Canola oil? I'm pretty sure they were famous for peanut oil. Ugh. And... I'm so bummed that I'm just now finding out about free breakfast, because by the time I get out of pajamas, put on makeup, and lug my kiddos down there, it will be lunch. Bummer! I'm glad you benefited from Chick-fil-A though... we love it!

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