Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mucho Gracias!!

So I was not planning to blog over the weekend, and I have no idea why I felt compelled to title this in Spanish when I do not, in fact, speak Spanish & I had to google the phrase to ascertain that I was using it correctly.  It is so hard to be spontaneously clever. 

It is also hard to avoid run-on sentences when feeling somewhat hyper.  My apologies.

That being said, I have had such a fabulous day that it only seems right to brag about my fam for a second.  I won't go into too much detail because later in the week I will in fact have pictures (yaaay!!), but I was able to spend the whole, entire, wonderful day with some of my very favorite people who are much younger than my other very favorite people :) 

We went to Olde Salem Days and ate disgusting, greasy, yummy food.  I bought myself a candle & a light bulb (I lost all control of my senses and went hog-wild!) and then we spent the next several hours taking care of some business around the house. 

Kari, Drew, Lauren, Steven, and Starr (& Katie & Jeremy who could only be with us in spirit).... consider this my bloggy world shout out - - Thanks for a wonderful day, you're the best. 

Ya'll make my heart happy & I love ya!

...just sayin.

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