Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will I Learn?

So I woke up Sunday morning and felt that old, familiar twinge in my back.  This is not unfamiliar to me & usually does not slow me down too much.  However, by shower time I was looking for the ibuprofen, and by the time my eyes were lined and my hair had curl I knew I have a problem.  No church for pulling out the getting anything done. 

I was stuck.

This happens from time to time when you have a temperamental back.  Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what causes the pain, and that can be frustrating, but hey - that's life! 

What makes me really frustrated, though, is when I know that I have only myself to blame.  This is one of those times.  I know exactly what I did and when I did it to bring my productivity to a screeching halt.

To make things worse, I knew it at the time.  As I was hanging the mirror in my living room I felt the discomfort and heard that little voice in my head telling me to stop NOW or be sorry.  I told the voice to hush up, that the mirror wouldn't hang itself and I was almost finished...I guess I told that voice!

I should have done less telling and more listening.

As I've been lying around on a stinkin heating pad over the past couple of days, unable to do the things I want to do, I've been pondering a larger question. 

How often do I make a choice while ignoring the Holy Spirit who is warning me to STOP?

Too many times I will forge ahead with whatever - - knowing full well that it will hurt later.  What's up with that?  When will I ever learn that certain actions will bring forth certain consequences.  I can lie to myself and say that this time the outcome might be different, but usually I end up with the exact same result.   

Whether I'm hanging a mirror or making life choices, I really want to learn from past experience and stop making the same poor decisions over & over again.

- - and who knows, maybe my back wouldn't hurt so much!

Happy Wednesday!

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