Thursday, December 13, 2012

company time

So my sister came to town Tuesday morning for a sisterly visit of marathon shopping and eating.  (always with the eating!)  She went back home last night because her husband says she can't live here, and it made me sad, but I guess I understood.  The boys would've missed their mama after a while I suppose.

Would you even be surprised to know we enjoyed more one-on-one time during this visit than we did the whole entire time we lived together?  The older I get the more I understand the value of intentional, set-apart time...and boy-oh-boy were we intentional :)

We hit the mall for the first time since my move, and it was bigger than I remembered.  It's funny how I look at things differently now that they're "mine."  For the life of me I don't remember Kate's mall being this big, ha!  

I had to work my usual schedule so when I say we were marathon-shopping I mean it!  There might have been some sprinting taking place but I can't really say.  

I am anxious, though, to go back to said mall sometime in January when life is slower and I can meander.  I imagine I could meander for days on end before I got bored with it.
I do love to meander.

However, I think my favorite store wasn't at the mall at all.  My first visit to World Market was SO FUN.  I loved it and might or might not have come home with a fascinating purchase of lavender soap and ginger snaps.  

Try that at The Walmart, is all I'm saying.

We wrapped things up with a two-hour wild goose chase trying to find matching insulated Christmas cups.  Who knew that such a simple thing would turn into such a scavenger hunt, but it turned out okay.  We persevered and came out of the adventure both victorious and successful.  

Now when I freshen up my Pepsi I'll think of my sis, who is quite likely busy slurping on her own soda at the time

A shared love of carbonated beverages knits our hearts together and we are unashamed.

Next up in the I-live-in-a-new-place festivities?  Donna heads this way on Saturday for a couple of days, and oh-won't-she-be-surprised to find I still have a few un-emptied boxes hidden in my closet and perhaps some un-hung pictures scattered about.

We're hoping to go to Old Salem and peruse all the Christmas delight that's rumored to abound, and I suppose that'll be nice, but the thing I'm really looking forward to is all the goofy that's likely to take place.  

(and the eating.)

(always with the eating...)

I hope y'all have a nice weekend!

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