Monday, December 10, 2012

msm: bedlam, with a side of mayhem.

So the Littles came to Naynay's house today.  

All of 'em...

...the whole cranky lot of 'em at one time.

Owen was more than a little aggravated that his mama left him, and he kept putting on his fireman boots and his baseball cap, and wandering around the house while dragging Woody by one foot, asking "where'd mama GO?"

Audrey Faith was snuggly and whiny.  I thought she felt warm a time or two and wouldn't be a bit surprised if she decides to announce she's sick before the night is out.  Hopefully I'm wrong, but it was definitely one of those days where I kept thinking I needed to find a thermometer.

(On the plus side, she was seriously yummy in her pigtails.)  (Just sayin.')

Peyton also was not amused when mama left.  And he wasn't shy about it.  I might have used the term grief-stricken when encouraging Kari to COME BACK after a few hours.  He followed me around the whole entire livelong day with an uncharacteristic, decidedly un-smiley demeanor.  He was so pitiful.  He kept crawling to the front door sobbing, standing up, and BANGING ON IT ENTHUSIASTICALLY.  

Alas, to no avail.

Eventually their mamas returnedI tried not to take their unadulterated glee personally.

I might have been too busy hiding my own ;)

Happy (money-shot) Monday!

(By the way, the sleeping angel above got a whopping 12 minutes in before Audrey woke him up while informing me that, wait for it, Owen was not asleep.)  (sigh.)

p.s.  I'm joining in with Flower Patch Farmgirl for Money Shot Monday :)

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