Sunday, December 9, 2012

sunday six: what's cookin'?

I spent a fair bit of the weekend puttering in the kitchen.  It occurs to me that maybe I should include the recipes, but well, I'm a bit on the lazy side tonight and don't wanna.  Maybe later?  If you want one in the meantime just let me know and I'll get on it post haste.  Post haste.  I haven't heard anyone say that in a zillion yearsWhere on earth did that come from?

1.  Pretzels.  I dipped 'em.

...a lot of 'em.

2.  "Pecan Tassies."  As is usual for me, they were incredibly ugly and messy and I ate approximately 7 of them before they were even cool.  I KNOW, right?  It couldn't be helped.  They're best when slightly warm, ya know.  

This is one of those recipes that never, ever turns out right for me and are a major pain in the neck to construct, and also no one in my family eats them except me.

And yet I make them every single December.  

They remind me of Mamaw Honaker and Bluefield and the littles playing on her organ and the snow that seemed to come down every year.  For the life of me I can't figure out why hers were always so neat and mine are such a mess, but I have faith that if I keep practicing maybe someday I'll master 'em.  Or not.  
The pretty hardly even seems to matter :)

3.  Sausage pinwheels.  They freeze so beautifully that it only seemed right to get some put together and tucked into the freezer.  Now I can nap on Christmas Eve (HA!).

4.  Amelia's lemon tea.  It had nothing to do with the impending holiday; I simply had a craving. 

5.  Southwestern Stuffed Peppers.  Try as I might, I can't get past one unchanging truth.  

I am not a fan of ground turkey.  

After this one last attempt I've decided to just own my persnickety-ness and accept the fact that I'm a ground beef prefer-er.  I liked this recipe with ground beef but found it downright yuck-o due to the presence of said turkey.  Truth be told, though, this would likely be great without any meat at all.   Come to think of it,  I believe I'll give that a try... 

6.  POPCORN(!) popped in coconut oil, stove-top style.   Since my latest move I'm kickin' it old school as I meander through my days without a microwave.  (Remember way back in July when I was simplifying and scaling back and getting rid of large quantities of STUFF?  Yeah, well...)  I really haven't missed it so much.  Nuking my leftovers is certainly faster but I'm pretty sure my food tastes better these days.  We'll see how long that lasts :)

And that, my friends, is about it for this putter report...other than when I fried up the sausage for our Christmas breakfast pizza.  I do always love getting that done ahead of time and tucking it away in the freezer.  It simplifies the chaos, and let's face it, Naynay needs all the chaos-simplification possible!

What do you do to get a head start on all the Christmas cooking?  Do tell...


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