Thursday, December 6, 2012

the ugliest, most beautiful christmas tree ever

Today would be the day I share about a zillion photos that will make any competent photographer cringe just a little bit...but one works with what they have.

And what I have is far too many blurry pictures that make my heart happy.

Behold, our very first Christmas-tree-decorating-together day.

We prefer our tinsel in piles and gobs.

We prefer our candy canes in our mouths, and on our hands, and on our faces, and on Naynay's furniture.

Garland is to be layered strategically.

We did it!

Take THAT, tree!

Now where's my sippy cup?

* * *

* * *

Umm, what tree?

Happy Wednesday :)

p.s.  There was also grilled cheese and tomato soup.  It seemed right.  There were also cookies, with m&m's in them.  It IS Christmas, after all.

Also?  Just so's ya case you drop by and suspect I'm nuts...I make it a policy to never, ever tinker with the tree arrangement shenanigans of tiny children.  
They always know.


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