Sunday, December 2, 2012

the one in which I bury the lead

I should spend some time catching up with y'alls no doubt about it, but I'm woefully lacking in both energy and motivation.  I am also decidedly runny-nosy with a healthy dose of lethargy.  (Still!)

It does appear the crazy that has been life for the last, oh I don't know - let's be generous and say six months or so - has left me dreaming  literal dreams of moving days.  
Over and again.

Moving days on a loopy-loop, if you will.

And it's not just my worldly belongs that are perpetually being moved in my dreams, but I'm now branching out and sharing the joy by taking my loved ones withHow, you ask?

Well.  Last night I dreamed I was moving.  Then I dreamed I was helping Kari and Drew move.  And then I dreamed my sister's family was moving.  And I was helping them all with their daggone contact paper.  However, my sister's move was thwarted because my BIL was sick (in the aforementioned dream) so they postponed for a day or two and I was SO VERY EXCITED about the delay that I woke up, true story.  What is also true is that Rex has been sick in real life this very week, so I guess my horror at the sound of his voice when I called the other day crept into my dreams.

All that to say I really really don't wanna relocate any boxes for at least a month or 20.

(Not that it hasn't been worth every single box, of course.)

And in other, oh so slightly-related news, looky at what my Katie's got going on?

Looks like I got here just in time :)

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