Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet The Granddog

Kari and Drew had yet another plumbing catastrophe at their (wonderful!) home and found themselves waterless for a few days, so they came to stay with me while the City dug up their front lawn and made a big mess.  I was sorry for their suffering but thrilled as usual to spend some time with them in a low-key, hanging-in-the-jammies sort of way.

I have to say, though, that the best part of all was my nice visit with my granddog, Hiro.  

I've long mourned my somewhat fractured and distant relationship with him because, as y'all know, I'm all about family, and we kinda got off on the wrong foot last year when I was granddog-sitting 
and I thought he was trying to eat me.  

But that's all behind us now.  

We were pretty much joined at the hip during his visit, and now I'm pretending we're best buds.  

Unfortunately it may be temporary as he tends to get a bit cranky and territorial and all GRRRR when in his own backyard, but we'll see.  

Either way, how could you not love this sweet boy?

I'm also pleased to report that Kari and Drew again have water at the turn of a faucet and are also able to flush willy nilly.  

And all is once again right with the fam.  

Thanks Hiro for not giving up on us!

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