Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who Cares About the Weather When There's An Armful of Baby Boy?

A few years ago I did a number on my fickle back and spent the month of December lying on a heating pad watching every cheesy Lifetime Christmas movie ever produced while my children did my shopping and running and fetching for me.  That was "That Christmas My Back Went Out."

In the future, when referring to December 2011 it will likely be referred to as 
"That Christmas I Hacked up a Lung."

I'm just a sentimental fool.

After picking up the nastiest fluish/respiratory plague EVER from my (fortunately) beloved family in early December, I seem to have  permanently moved under the weather.  

We'll just say I've been a bit on the droopy side this month.

Fortunately this was also the year that I was freakishly organized in the gift-giving department and had my shopping done insanely early (for me).  Many, many years I have literally done my shopping once it hit the December 20s, but this year I had 99% of it done the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I did it ALL online.  It was so liberating to have it all completed, and was a relief since I ended up not feeling well.  

Because of my accidental foresight this ended up being one of the most stress-free Decembers ever!

Anyhoo, Katie & Jeremy & the babies headed to town on Friday for the whole weekend, so I packed up the car with the gifts and food and Christmas books and clothes and assorted paraphernalia so I could join them at Kari's house for the next few days.  This was basically the first time I'd ventured forth into the madness for a couple of weeks and I was ready to pretend I was ALL BETTER and enjoy some family lovin'.  

But first, I had a couple of little stops to make. After locking my keys in the car at Toys R Us, schlepping across tarnation to Red Robin while stopping every few steps to double over with the violent coughing in the spitting rain without a jacket (a proud, proud time, folks), I warmed up with some nice family time with my sister & her crew.  It ended up being one of my favorite parts of the weekend ;)  The boys were all happy and sweet and well-behaved and Shayne was appropriately sheepish about letting me see his new pierced ears (yikes!) and I got hugs from every single one of them.  

And Kari brought me an extra key to my car!  

Two stops and about a hundred hours later I made it to Kari's,
and before I knew it I had an armful of sweet baby boy, 
and then an armful of sweet little girl, 
and then another armful of sweet baby boy.

That evening they went to their dad's for a few hours and I had to work, but after they got home we had a lovely time just sitting around and being together.  

And in my humble opinion, together is the very best way to be.

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