Thursday, December 1, 2011

Party Time!

Okay y'all, in the spirit of trying to actually "live" each moment I'm know, notice it/experience it/appreciate it for whatever it has to offer...I'm gonna touch base with ya in a very quick sort of way and then move on to that next only a moderately speedy fashion, ha!

Someday I'll have moved on to my (Much)Greater-than-I-deserve Reward, and the only way my babies will know what Naynay was doing on December 1, 2011 will be to read my saving-for-posterity words here.  Poor Posterity.

So last night I sat down to work, which of course flips the switch in my head that turns on ALL THE THOUGHTS.  Seriously y'all.  Nothing inspires my dormant organized side more strongly than knowing I'm chained to stuck to at my laptop for eight hours in a row.


Anyway, I realized I never RSVP'd for the company Christmas Party, so I quickly fired off an email to Lauren asking if I could still come.  Then I took a peek at the fine print.  Yup.  The party is tonight.  I knew it was in December, but December 1?  This took me a bit aback.  Long tedious irrelevant story short, it all worked out and I have now completed my mission of procuring an appropriate tree ornament for exchanging-purposes.  

I don't know what in the world is the matter with me, but I have puttered this day away doing TERRIBLY IMPORTANT things like getting my hair cut (like it!) and wandering all around Target like the lady of leisure I am not.


Now I'm just about an hour away from work again and I still have a mess-of-a-house.  But somehow it's not a problem today.  Why?  Beats me!

Oh yeah - also it's a delightful, sunny 50 degrees even as I speak type.  
I surely hope you're enjoying your day :)   

Happy First-Day-of-December!

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